sexual predator in our community

Sexual Predator in the SF Dyke/FTM Scene

I can vouch for the original poster-I have experieced this first hand and swear on my Family name that this is true!

We have a sexual predator in our community.
Please be informed that there is a movement beginning to boycott Kael T. Block and his projects. Kael T. Block is a sexual predator. I am speaking from MY OWN personal experience.

This has got to end!

We need to send the message that our community will not put up with this persons actions regardless of what positive trans visibility he is supposedly representing. (FYI having a sexual predator as a leader is not positive visibility) Future XXboys deserve to be able to make an informed decision about the true nature of the person behind the project before they sign their souls away on a model contracts dotted line.
Please repost and get the word out!

You can help by:
-Deleting Kael T. Block and XXboys from your MySpace/Friendster
-Not using his photos (If you paid for them maybe you could not give him credit, or how about try this photo was taken by a rapist as a caption...)
-Spreading the word by mouth.
-Stop signing waivers to let him have complete power over you and your image! People think about this. Do you know this person? He has the rights to your image for the rest of your life to do WHATEVER he wants with it. Including promote himself and his own sexist agenda.
-Not giving this person free housing!
-Reposting this bulletin.


Re: Sexual Predator in the SF Dyke/FTM Scene
I wasn't going to post all this here, but the more people mis-informed the harder it is for the victim to feel support instead of backlash from her community. I didn't want to post because of the content nature could trigger victims of sexual assualt, so please be aware of that if you plan to read this fully.

This collection of statements is being distributed to inform the community that charges have been filed for aggravated sexual assault against Kael T. Block on July 26th 2006 in San Francisco. At the time of printing this Kael knows of these charges and has since been in hiding.
Members of our immediate community have reacted to this in various ways, an art show has been cancelled, support has been pulled out of projects, xxboys have pulled out of the project, and people have decided not to work with, or model for Kael. We want people to have all the facts straight and not base actions or opinions on rumor or hearsay, so we are distributing these definite statements.

In these statements we remain anonymous for safety, and because we are public artists in the community whose names are important to represent our art, and because we are very personal in our accounts. Our friends and community know we are truthful individuals and chose in various ways to not support Kael, we thank them for all kinds of support. We want to make it clear that we are not trying to censor or ruin Kael’s art or career, he just happens to be a high profile artist, along with being a sexual predator, and we believe people should be informed of that before supporting him and his art. Trans men deserve to be able to make an educated decision about the true nature of the person behind the xxboy project before they sign their souls away on a model contracts dotted line, and future sexual partners of Kael's deserve to be informed of our previous experiences and the pain he caused us. Also, we are NOT at all trans-phobic! We live with tran smen, have romances and strong friendships with trans men, and all believe in and create art that fights for positive trans visibility.

We also fully believe that the accused deserves a voice, but we simply will not pay for it to be printed and included in this collection. Kael has issued an online statement, which if interested you can find through his Internet page(s). That being said we would like to explain that our statements include details about things Kael may have said to us or emailed to us that expose the true nature of his character, because Kael's statement is full of blatant lies and we want to address that. Kaels statement is chiefly a series of excuses used to create empathy for him and it was created with the help of outside voices that are guiding him to shape defenses for what is not in fact his true ideas or lifestyle. For instance, Kael claims he is a feminist, he says this most current accusation of rape was just misunderstanding and he forgot to use safe words. Statement 3 includes direct quotes from Kael that he is not a feminist and doesn’t believe in safe words. Kael has lied to these elders that he is simply a BDSM top and doesn’t know yet how to negotiate safe words. This is total bullshit.

Kael attempts to paint a picture for people who do not personally know the most recent rape survivor that this relationship was some sort of loving BDSM exchange. The rape victim was not in any sort of loving relationship with Kael, she barely knew him and it is very obvious if you know her that she does not practice BDSM, or even know what it is exactly. The point is that if Kael wanted to play out rape or BDSM fantasies our community offers plenty of safe places to do so, and Kael has enough friends in this community that there is no way that he did not know of these places he could explore these fantasies. Kael chose instead to repeatedly seek out sexual encounters in which he can takes advantages of women in a predatory manner. He does not seek BDSM or “safe word” negotiated relationships.

Each of our experiences are unique, but are unified in the fact that we all feel we were sexually violated by Kael T. Block. Speaking out about this is the most responsible and powerful action imaginable.