Statement #3

My personal experience with Kael is based on only knowing him for 4 days. After we hooked up the first time, he stayed at my house for 4 days before I insisted on having my personal space back. In general, he seemed like a nice boy, but i had some serious issues with the things he said. He told me (direct quote) that he "hated feminists" because they called him misogynist. He told me that his "biggest fantasy" was a "rape fantasy," and that he didn't like to use safe words. He said all of this to me before the last time I slept with him.

The last time I slept with Kael, I asked him for anal penetration with fingers. I had told him I was an anal virgin to create a virginal-like fantasy, but joked about whether or not I was serious. He did that to me and then I told him I was done. I also told him that I was in fact not an anal virgin, and that I had never had anal sex with a dick. He replied that he was going to, "punish me for lying to him" by fucking my ass with his dick. He didn't listen to me when I told him I didn't want him to. He proceeded to pin me down, put all of his weight on me, and penetrate my ass with a dick that was far to large and despite the fact that it was non-consensual in the first place. I managed to push him out of me ,and off from on top of me. After the fact, I told him that what he did was wrong. At the time I forgave him, although I stopped seeing him romantically the next day.

After hearing that Kael a week later raped another girl, I’ve decided to come out and share my experience. Since then I have received two harrasatory emails from him. Here are some quotes from these emails:

Kael’s email to me #1

"are you mad because i didn't want to be more than friend? is that what is it????? or are you to concenr about your selfimage than ooops its' not that trendy anymore to fuck kael t block???"

Kael’s email to me # 2

" you had it bad, definitely, in regard of what your doing now.....!!! think twice before doing anything illegal, i am really certain that you are really interested in your carrier and popularity. this isn't going to lead you anywhere if this is your goal, you're so shallow. you were licking my balls until a few days ago, why would you come back with sweet treat for me if i was such a bad person oh yeah...?? i think what pissed you out is that i didn't have sex with you anymore. you're a really ugly person. talk about star fuckers right. i can't believe i got anything near you after all i've been told.”

And to wrap it up, here is a post we really loved:

As a woman, as a femme inist, and as a photographer in this community this situation and all these damned postings have brought up more than a few things for me:

1. I am tired of seeing everyone just copy and paste bulletins written by other people without expressing their own feelings about what is being said or even saying if you agree with some or all of what is being said. It has actually been making me feel quite ill and made me contemplate leaving myspace. It makes me sad that we are all so afraid to say what we feel that we feel more safe copying and pasting someone else’s words instead of creating our own dialogs. Although I do have to admit that I can understand the very valid fear of backlash.

2. I know that rape is a serious accusation and that dealing with such an accusation is a very complicated issue and that if you were not there and you do not know the accuser or accusee well, it is difficult to make an informed decision. That being said, many of us believe that if this were a guy who had a reputation for respecting women more people may have remained neutral. I also personally know many women who can fully believe that this atrocity happened because they too have had experiences with this person where they feel they have been disrespected, mistreated and/or abused that they have come forward with. These other girls also have friends who trust them that they have shared their experiences with. So, these people in turn also have no problem believing. THIS MAKES FOR A LOT OF INFORMED PEOPLE. Now I am going to do a 180 and say I also understand that it is many of these people who have just copied and pasted the bulletins because they wanted to preserve anonymity. Postings by "visible" members of our community begrudging people for taking a stance before the facts come out fail to see that many of us do have informed opinions. Further more this quote " the deliberate attempt to destroy people accused of rape who have no recourse in their community is an ongoing thing for the last decade in a half, and none of the people I know whom this has happened to, all artists, had a chance to speak. They are all feminists. They are not the enemy referring to people accused of rape as being feminists" really piss me off, particularly in regards to this case. Also, no one is stopping Kael from speaking. I think many people would be willing to at least listen to what he has to say. and I agree with a friend who posted "just because you fuck femmes doesn’t make you a feminist." also, MOST people accused of rape HAVE committed rape. it takes alot for a woman to stand up to a rapist. JUST LOOK AT THIS KIND OF PUBLIC SCRUTINY SHE FACES. and I know women who have been treated very poorly by this person so we can hardly call him feminist! ALSO I have talked to women who did not come forward before because they felt they had no recourse in their community. They were afraid of this very backlash. well here it is. IT'S TIME FOR SOME REAL "FEMME INISM" PEOPLE!

3. If a woman says she was raped there are so many reasons we first just need to support her I could probably write a whole book about that subject but I will just keep it at that.

4. Since this has all happened, many girls that I know personally have come forward about how they feel Kael had treated them poorly. It has been quite shocking really that so many girls had bad experiences that they kept relatively silent and that this person managed to have the support of so many of us and the support of our community businesses even! This type of treatment of women alone would have been enough for me to not support his projects had I known- especially the one's where women were being photographed. The portrayal of women in XX Boys has always made me a little uncomfortable. In the past I have had discussions with different "femme" women about how we feel about it and have heard such things as "its sexist and offensive" to "does it have to be sexist, cant it just be sex?" Kael and I had very recently been talking about photo collaborations since we're both photographers shooting within the same scene, working on the same films... and had planned on meeting very soon and talking more about the projects and I was going to bring up some of these issues that were bothering me but did not get the chance to before the shit hit the fan.

5. This whole situation is very heartbreaking. I think that photo projects done by members of the communities that they are shooting are VERY IMPORTANT and should be supported, but we have to not be afraid to say anything if we feel like they misrepresent or stereotype any of us. Because while it is cool to have a photo project that empowers some of us, it is not worth if it does it at the expense of others among us. I really feel for the guys and girls whose photos are in XX Boys who do not support the project now but may have no recourse to have their photos removed. That sucks.

Re: Sexual Predator in the SF Dyke/FTM Scene
hi there
juts to let you know that
I am glad to see people responding and trying to clear up the situation re kael T Block
I know it is a very complicated issue but I have to say that i've been astonished to see this lynn breddlove saying that for once she was unable after having cut so many rubber dick in public and for fun???? just being unable to get political when it comes to cut kael'one... I ve lived in France for a while. I can tell that it is not the first time Kael has been blocked : meaning being unable to leave the country for ver y serious reasons. Kael has been convicted in France cz he simply stabbed a lover with a cutter. Two years ago charges have been filed against him by a French Female director who got severely beaten up by him. Please repost and spread the news.